Why Gather!

Gather was founded in 2017 with the intention of gathering differences within the fields of society, culture and tech. Our goal was to find a closer common agenda and the understanding of our future. Gather is founded on the basis of equal rights to all people and the belief that diversity and collaboration are the foundation of innovation. Gather is an inspiring festival, containing talks and innovation-driven labs, as well as a music, art and food.

For the Young Creatives

For us young are not measured in age or the restlessness in your bones and muscles. It is a mindset shown in spirit, attitude and curiosity to humans, technology, change, culture, health and environment. We want Gather to be different, bold and brave. We want Gather to believe in the future change makers and the creators of this new world. Therefore we turn to the young in you to discover, dream and hope for the next step of our generations. Gather set its mind to enable the hope of young creatives within Music, Art, Design, Media, Gaming, Society, Food and Fashion. We will gather creative stories, exhibitions, showcases, lab, masterclasses and mind blowing experience. We will continue to give Stockholm an international Music and Art festival, discovering stories to inspire within the themes of the creative industry.


Stockholm is the most beautiful capital in the world. Its center area with its beautiful architecture, mind gaping innovation and royal history, its new borned culture areas in the meatpacking district to the creative and culture envolving suburbs all surrounded with unique nature filled with silence. Stockholm is also one of the world’s leading hubs for creative expression.

A new report from Invest Stockholm shows that the Creative & Cultural Industries in Stockholm produce more turnover than several of the country’s biggest industries. But the potential for investment often goes unnoticed despite the sector functioning as an engine for the national and regional economy, the report notes.

In 2018 the Creative & Cultural Industries in Stockholm turned over SEK 217 billion. To put this in perspective: Stockholm’s retail industry showed revenues of SEK 160 billion in the same year; the Swedish forestry industry posted SEK 222 billion in revenues in 2016; and the Swedish food industry had revenues totaling SEK 195 billion in 2018.

Therefore, Stockholm is the natural home of the Gather Festival.


Gather will take place at the heart of Stockholm’s future culture city - Slakthusområdet. The Slakthusområdet area will undergo an enormous transformation until 2030. It will be developed into a modern urban district, where food and culture can play a key role, while the cultural-historical environment is carefully preserved and developed. Gather are proud of The partnership with Atrium Ljungberg and Slaktis, and proud to be part of the development of the Slakthusområdet district.

Inspiration, hope and future guidance in the field of the creative industry

The Gather Festival discovers the future, the past and today within several subjects and perspectives. Get inspired by the stories on the Gather speaker stages, move your mind and gather knowledge in the Gather Master classes, or discover new innovations in the Gather labs.

Night, light, art and music Festival

During the evening and the night hours Gather will turn Slakhusområdet into a culture funpark with several stages, art installations, clubs and performances.  Our goal is to give Stockholm a unique space for cultural expression. A place where each person can find their story in a unique experience.