Tim-Oktay Leeman

Management and Policy Advisor at Mayor's Office Amsterdam

Featured in the session:

Sound Of Silence

Tim-Oktay Leeman, born and raised in Amsterdam, experienced the nightlife of Amsterdam in all its variety. From salsa, techno, hip-hop and Turkish parties; he knows the importance of a mixed cultural and vibrant nightlife. After working at the criminal court of justice, he started advising the Mayor of Amsterdam on nightlife and safety. Since 2012, he coordinates projects such as the 24-hour permits, Amsterdam Dance Event and the approach to discrimination at door policies of club venues. Besides that, he is co-founder of the business intelligence center regarding public order and safety of the city of Amsterdam. The main goal of this BI center is to have clear and up-to-date insights into the safety situation of the city, in order to support the information position of policy makers and the Mayor. To exchange data on a real-time basis he founded an innovative co-operation with internal and external organizations (like the police). By doing so, this opened up the Amsterdam atmosphere for creative pilots and data driven policymaking.