Elizabeth Jochum

Author and Researcher Within the Fields of Culture and Human-Robot Interaction

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Fake it ‘til you make it

Elizabeth Jochum is an Associate Professor in the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology at Aalborg University (Denmark). Her research cuts across the fields of theatre and performance studies, visual art and design, human-robot interaction and engineering. She is the co-founder of the Robot Culture and Aesthetics (ROCA) and the Robots Art, People and Performance (RAPP) Lab. She is the coordinator of the EXACT Project (Exoskeletons, Art and Choreographic Training), an interdisciplinary project that investigates the effects of dance and performance on movement training with exoskeletons. Previously she collaborated on the humanoid robot project Geminoid DK. Dr. Jochum is a faculty member of the ERASMUS European Masters of Excellence Program in Media Arts Cultures, and serves on the editorial board of Global Performance Studies. Her current book project, Deus Ex Machina: Robots on Stage in the Second Machine Age, surveys the field of robot performance across theatre, dance, opera and visual art.