Egle Obcarskaite

Ethical Innovation Designer

Featured in the session:

The Ethics of Human Enhancements

Intersection is exactly where Egle feels at her best. Academically trained in philosophy and, later on, in digital management, she connects the two traditionally distinct areas in order to explore ethical innovation design as a competitive business advantage. Egle started her career working in communications, PR and as a journalist, and later moved to coordination and advisory roles in the areas of international civil protection, disaster risk reduction, sustainable shipping and public health. Digital transformation in businesses, organisations and societies is the most recent addition to Egle’s area of expertise, where she focuses on introducing design for strategic business development as a change management undertaking. As a passionate and cause-driven person, Egle leads the SheSays Stockholm chapter, as well is a board member of non-profit organisations working in the fields of international development aid, gender equality, and arts.