Charlotte Sundåker och Fredrik Wikholm

Charlotte is the CEO of Planethon and Fredrik is the Business Director and Co-founder.

Featured in the session:

Redefining Growth

Charlotte Sundåker's mission is to contribute to equal societies and a planet positive future. She is the CEO and partner of planet-tech company Planethon that turns scientific insights into business opportunities along with tools and guidance to develop new solutions. Charlotte is also co-founder of politically independent think tank Ownershift with the mission to notably increase the percentage of female ownership in a lifespan. Charlotte serves as a board member at Swedish Film Institute, Wise Group and Nextory. She is the former CEO and CMO of international digital education institution Hyper Island. Fredrik Wikholm is the business director and co-founder at Planethon, a planet-tech company that turns scientific insights about the planet into business opportunities. He also advises companies on innovation & investment from a planet perspective and is a longstanding collaborator of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Fredrik is a 2016 Echoing Green fellow and has previously co-founded the BalticLEAD programme, From Air, Uniforms for the Dedicated & The Rag-Bag.