Arvida Byström

Questioning Prevailing Norms with Solo Shows in Sweden and Abroad

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The Role of Art in a Digital Age

Arvida Byström is a self-taught artist and photographer, working mainly with digital media, who already as a teenager started publishing her images on various digital platforms. She uses her artwork to question prevailing norms, such as the sexualization of the body. Byström has had a number of soloshows both in Sweden and abroad. Prior to the exhibition Inflated Fiction at Fotografiska in Stockholm (nov 2018-feb 2019) she stated: ’’I like to integrate my photographs, not just simply put them in frames. Frames are a way of saying 'this is where the art begins and ends', but I prefer art to seep out from its frames, to be allowed to spread to other, unexpected surfaces. Smartphone photography is rarely recognized in exhibition contexts because historically the art world is built to be exclusionary. That something like smartphone photography can now be considered art generally goes against the grain and brings that tradition into question.’