Anna Svensson

Chief of Innovation at SolTech Energy

Featured in the session:

The Stuff That Could Save Us

Anna Svensson is an intrepreneur in Building Integrated Photovoltaics at Soltech Energy; solar panels that can replace traditional roof and facade solutions. She believes that this is the future and wishes to see all new buildings and renovations – for skyscrapers as well as family homes – built with materials that can produce their own power. Anna has developed BIPV solutions from ideas to final products in Sweden as well as in China, the world's leading producer of solar energy. Her products have a strong usability and eco design perspective and she has been awarded with the Quality Innovation Award from the Swedish Institute for Quality. She is nominated to be part of the BIPV-council, which has the purpose to share knowledge between countries about BIPV and its possibilities to harness solar energy.