Anna Olin Kardell

Moderator at Gather

Anna Olin Kardell is one of Sweden’s most frequently booked and appreciated moderators and debate leaders. With more than 20 years of experience in front of and behind the cameras she is a true professional. She is a Tedx moderator, hosted the Women in Tech conference 2 years in a row, works with his royal highness Prince Daniels entrepreneurship program as well as the Swedish government and administration. Prior to this, she hosted a number of TV shows for Swedish television TV4 and TV8. In a tech driven era, human communication and interaction is more essential than ever. Gather Festival is a unique opportunity to broaden your views and challenge you mind in the presence of equally minded people, for the audience as well as for us up on stage. I’m thrilled to be a part of this experience Anna says. Anna has a strong stage presence and is described as having an extraordinary capacity of understanding complex issues all the while being friendly and adding a touch of humor to her work.