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Technology, Design, Climate Change

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BøthOfUs AB was estabilished in 2017, with a goal of using technology, design and Illustration to help achieve UN SDG goals 2030. BøthOfUs have created and delivered 10 different apps and websites and it primarily works in healthcare, gender equality, climate actions, quality education. BøthOfUs , also has branch offices in Arkansas,Pakistan and India.

Kay Nag

"Kay, lived life on less than $5/day during his childhood. Since then he have lived in 8 countries with help of his academic background being a technologist. He have lived in a sky scraper in the Dubai Marina and in a timber frame house in Sweden. He is passionate about social justice, he particularly cares about child safety and Environment. Kay, cofounded a Stockholm based company named BøthOfUs AB and currently working on providing better air quality using technology and also to stop single use plastics.


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