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Regularly, people discover new services that make them wonder how they lived before that: cheap food delivery, on-demand transportation, electric scooters, you name it. Other than optimizing our time management, these services also create new jobs. This is the so-called gig economy — highly flexible but riddled with flaws regarding the rights and the protection of the workers. At the same time, AI is said to make enormous amounts of jobs obsolete in the near future. Technology moves faster than regulations and it is clear that automation, AI and new digital services will forever change the world of work, leaving us with the question: what measures should be taken, and by whom, to build a brighter future for workers?


Binette Seck

Top Swedish Tech Leader Promoting Engineering at IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences)

Alok Alström

CEO and Co-Founder of the world's largest gig-workers community AppJobs

Anna Nordell-Westling

Co-founder and CMO of the AI Company Sana Labs

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