Train routes in the nordics with destinations beyond today


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Nordic words like smörgåsbord, ombudsman and orienteering are already incorporated in the English language. Now time has come for yet another one: the Swedish word flygskam, flightshaming. It has become a common moral imperative among Swedes: fly less to protect the climate.

With flygskam one everybody's lips – are there now prospects for The Giant Leap to take the Nordics into the super-fast high-speed train era? Rail enthusiasts and visionaries think so.

All over the Nordic countries plans flourish around how to link main cities by various one-or-two-hourconcepts. Critics, however, say that investmests of that scale are not viable in a Nordic context. Building entirely new train lines, hubs and main stations in urban environments, separately from conventional rail systems, they say, will simply be too costly.

During this session we will explore the pains and gains to create new train routes in the nordics with destinations beyond today

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