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For many people, access to live music, clubs and meeting places at night is an important reason for living in a city. qThe various challenges faced by the night-time entrepreneurs has been in the spotlight for some time, since several music venues and clubs have been threatened to be closed down for various reasons.  

At the same time, culture entrepreneurship and the music industry are becoming among Sweden’s most important industries, growing faster in both numbers of employees and revenue than many traditional business areas. But the crucial venues and spaces for these businesses further success are starting to close down. Swedish cities along with cities around the world have begun to realize the value of the night-time economy, both in attractiveness and in economic value.

” To create a 24 hour city ”

What obstacles are we facing in Swedish cities today, to create a vibrant nightlife? Together with key members of municipality officials, governance, experts and private property developers we aim to identify the obstacles and identify concrete solutions for further investigation.  

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