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Why is everyone talking about Community?

What is community & what is it made of?

How do 53 people living in one big house answer these questions?

In this session, we will discuss our impressions of what 'community' means and why it is an increasingly important topic of conversation today. We will then brainstorm ideas to increase communitas in our daily life.

In the last couple of years, Morgane, Nahal and Jonathan found themselves living at K9, a collective of 53 people, which is where they first met. For months, they have been trying to answer the question of what makes this house so special. Their answer? Intentional community. They now want to share experience of K9, and continue the discussion of community outside of the bounds of their home.

Through this workshop, they want to poke the participants to question their efforts towards communitas, and come up with ideas to increase those kinds of interactions in their daily life.


K9 provides a holistic lifestyle platform that empowers the world’s global citizens to be at their full potential. We believe that in creating physical spaces that reconnect us with ourselves, each other and nature, we will be able to inspire a lasting shift in behavior within our society. The culture of co-creation and conscious living that is nurtured and incubated at K9 and sister properties will naturally spread out into our neighborhoods and across our cities, inspiring a transition towards a more conscious global society.


Colive is a Swedish co-living operator working towards fixing the 3 fold major housing issue our Society faces today in big cities such as Stockholm:

- The lack of accommodation while the number of people moving to the city keeps rising

- The sky rocketing prices in the city, preventing young professionals to find accommodation and gain their independence

- the ever growing sense of loneliness in our so called "always connected" Society.  


Morgane Oleron

Morgane is a Community junky.

She lives to write stories, (be) inspire(d), bring people together and create meaningful moments.

She strongly believes that we grow further and better together. That cooperation, altruism and mutualism are key to a better and stronger society with happier individuals.

She colives for a living and went from amateur co-liver to professional when she started working as Chief Happiness Officer for Colive.  

Jonathan Andersson

Jonathan thrives in lively communities. This is where he works, lives and enjoys life. The K9 Co-living community in Stockholm has, in a matter of months become his home, his work and his family. Now he is exploring the concept further by writing his master thesis about the potential of Co-living as a sustainable living environment for collaborative consumption behaviors. He believes that strong communities can become and have the power to collectively change the very foundation of our societies towards sustainability and well-being.  

Nahal Mustafa

Nahal's deepest curiosity right now is why we seem to not be acting in the face of a looming climate crisis. At her 9-to-5 job, she is answering that questioning with a research team designing a World Class Workplace which puts people and planet first. Outside of her job, she is a proud member of the Global Shapers Community, a network of young people working together to address local, regional and global challenges, and a Singularity University mentor for startups tackling waste.



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