The Temporary Factory - how can digital transformation of construction sites help save us?


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We believe it is time to rebuild the construction industry, that's why we are launching the Temporary Factory. It contains everything on the construction site that will no longer be present when the project is finished for example such as elevators, temporary electricity and modules. To make the job as smooth as possible planning is done in a digital site that lives long before the physical site which enables simulations of logistics, noise, and pollution, and there is a dedicated organization managing the project on set, so all professions can focus on what they do best.

To take The Temporary Factory to the next level, we need to elaborate on which kinds of services that can create value within the Temporary Factory. During the lab we try out the VR and AR tools and wish to collaborate on:

  • What functionality (ie automation, robotics, data management, simulations) could be part of The Temporary Factory?
  • What value would that bring to the general public, and our planet?
  • How would that help other Gather partners and actors in Urban Planning?

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