The Role of Art in a Digital Age





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Technology, Future Art

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While parts of the art world keep digitalization at a distance, or fumble how to take advantage of new technologies, other parts have long been exploring the possibilities of it. Some artists are using forefront technologies to translate their vision into new digital mediums, and devices of different kinds are more often becoming natural part of creative processes. In this panel talk, we will meet four prominent players on the Swedish art scene to discuss where the art world is positioned today in relation to the digital development. How does digitalization challenge and/or open up for new possibilities for artists and institutions? Is digitalization chiefly a tool for democratization or exclusion?


Marti Manen

Curator and Art Writer Involved in Exhibitions all Over the World

Arvida Byström

Questioning Prevailing Norms with Solo Shows in Sweden and Abroad

Jacob Felländer

Photographer Exploring the World of Drawing, Painting and VR

Ashik Zaman

Editor-in-chief of the Art Journal C-print and Panel Moderator at Gather.

Speakers to be Announced