The Ethics of Human Enhancements





10:30 am

12:00 pm

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Humans & Machines


Gene Manipulation, Deep AI, Biology, Ethics, Humanity

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New scientific advancements, such as the gene editing discovery CRISPR-Cas9 and deep AI, show that humanity is about to enter an enhancement revolution where one can choose to manipulate biology and our intelligence at will. While this could be beneficial, the idea of a trans-human and super-intelligence era presents us with a moral and ethical dilemma that requires genetic and algorithmic fairness, as well as policy regulations. What ethical framework should humanity apply in this context? Is our morality challenged when we augment humanity and society?


Christiana Chae

Design Manager on the AI New X Team at Facebook

Egle Obcarskaite

Ethical Innovation Designer

Hannes Sjöblad

Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter and Co-founder of DSruptive

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