The Dawn of Zero Touch Interfaces





12:00 pm

1:30 pm

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Media & Creativity


Voice Control, Interaction, UI Design, Technology

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Ever ended-up with a greasy touchscreen while eating or cooking? Imagine a future where touch interfaces are replaced by your voice or even brain when interacting with your devices. The technology is today applied cautiously in certain devices, but its possibilities are infinite and we can expect to soon interact with more and more screenless products. This innovative way of interacting with technology forces us to rethink UI design with support and integrations from AI and data. Join us in an explorative conversation about the interaction of technology, design and creativity.


Diana Mosa

Co-Founder of Scandinavia’s First Voice Design Agency Talking to Me

Hans Iwarsson

Adding Value Through Sound and Silence at Plan8

Tugberk Duman

Expert Within Human-Machine Interaction at Futurice

Speakers to be Announced