Sound Of Silence





5:30 pm

7:00 pm

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Urban Planning & Society


Nightlife, 24h City, Urban Planning, Challenges

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Atrium Ljungberg

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What ingredients are needed to create an attractive city? Without a doubt, cities need good homes, good jobs, safe streets and efficient transport. But attractive cities are also creative cities. They feed our souls and inspire our senses. And creative cities thrive at night.In metropolises such as New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and London, the connection between cities' cultural offerings in the evenings and nights and their attractiveness for tourism, business start-ups, innovation propensity and the quality of life of the residents has been clearly seen.In recent years, therefore, cities have invested in taking care of entrepreneurs in the night industry and increasing their focus on the so-called night economy. The importance of thinking of the city as living 24 hours a day has become a central issue on the mayor's agenda around the world.In the session “The Sound Of Silence” we learn and get inspiration from concrete examples from cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Detroit. We learn how organizations, entrepreneurs and municipalities managed to overcome their city's challenges, and have been able to work around norms and regulations with the goal to create a vibrant city during all hours of the day.‍


Adrian Tonon

Office of the Mayor City of Detroit

Lutz Leichsenring

Co-founder of VibeLab

Ramon de Lima

Night Culture Advocate, Event Producer and (Music) Journalist

Tim-Oktay Leeman

Management and Policy Advisor at Mayor's Office Amsterdam

Speakers to be Announced