Recovering from the Tech Backlash





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Democracy & Power


Personal Data, Integrity, Regulations, Ethics, Commercialization

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By your regular use of websites, apps and social media, you create data related to your daily routines, what you buy, who you talk to and who you date. Your online activity also includes what you read, listen to and watch, when you go to the gym or skip it to binge-watch a TV show. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, as well as the information spread by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and others, has revealed to the world that our data was never totally private. So how can we keep our integrity online, without having to give up our digital lives altogether? Can we force the tech giants to deal with our personal data more privately? Or do we need to come up with new business models for the commercialization of data, where we as users own (and therefore can sell) our personal data? Let’s find out!


Abel Buko

Insights Director at Bannerboy and Researcher in the History of Digital Advertising

Christian Landgren

CEO and Founder of Iteam

Indra Sharma

Tech Investor With a Background From Non-Profit Focusing on Women and Children's Right in Society

Speakers to be Announced