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Innovation, Change, People, Society

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In this open session we introduce 4 Ways to Jumpstart People Driven Innovation and invite participants to practice them on personal or relevant societal challenges.


Participants will work in small groups or pairs. We will provide each “pod” with an outline of the 4 Ways and a worksheet to develop ideas around. The Savvy Design team, a group of experienced service designers and facilitators, will circulate during facilitation to answer question and to document the participation through pictures.

We’ll gather up the worksheets during presentation for documentation and display to encourage further discussion. We’ll provide a small worksheet for participants to write down and take with them one key idea they commit to trying to implement in their daily lives.

”Savvy Design Collaborative

- Creating meaningful and positive change in society and daily life through people-driven design

Getting close and staying close to your customer in today’s fast moving and digitized world can mean the difference between success and failure, between relevant and trivial. Savvy Design Collaborative uses its people-driven design approach to gain deep understanding into the needs and expectations of people so we can help organizations create new services, products and business models. We call this People Savvy.

Then we help organizations get savvy. We train, coach and catalyze employees, managers and leaders to use our people-driven design approach to create new ways of working that are collaborative and innovative. We help craft internal design-driven cultures that enable sustainable development. We call this Business Savvy.”

Rich Nadworny -  Facilitator

Rich Nadworny is the Design Director and co-founder of the service design firm Savvy Design Collaborative in Stockholm Sweden.

He has previously worked as the capacity building lead at the service design firm Transformator and started and ran his own human centered design firm Empatico. He has a background in digital marketing and service design through his firm Digalicious and as partner, digital strategist and creative director at the brand firm Kelliher Samets Volk.

Between 2015-2018 Rich was the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth College’s Dickey Center. He was responsible for educating and training African entrepreneurs through the U.S. State Departments YALI Mandela Fellowship program. He taught his course Design Driven Entrepreneurship at Dartmouth as well as at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, where he also trained six Kenyans to run his curriculum, which they’ve done for the last three years.

He is a frequent commentator on Vermont’s National Public Radio station (VPR) and has been a contributing blogger at Huffington Post. He has a B.A. from Dartmouth, an M.S. in New Media from Boston University. He studied design and innovation at the California College of Arts.


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