Night Time Activations of Public Spaces in Sthlm


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Urban Planning, Active Nightlife, KTH, Trafikkontoret, Stockholms Stad

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This co-creation session at is a collaboration between ‘The Centre for the Future of Places’ at KTH and ‘The Traffic Administration Office’ [Traffikkontoret] at Stockholms stad. We have come together in the pursuit of contributing to the ongoing discussion concerning nighttime activation of public space in Stockholm.

It is our belief that the night deserves and requires far greater attention than it currently receives in terms of urban planning and society. This session aims to inspire you to think about how urban planning and society currently deals with the topic of nighttime activation/life and how that could or should be different in the future. All of the speakers’ work has a great deal to contribute to the discussion. Following an introduction to each of the speakers’ work or studies, we want to hear your views on the topic surrounding three key questions that we hope will influence our work as it progresses.

Michael Mallinder-MacLeod

Michael Mallinder-MacLeod is a Masters Thesis Student at KTH working with the Levande Stockholm programme at Stockholms stad. He has a background in architecture from the University of Edinburgh where he nurtured a strong interest in the study of public life and citizen appropriation of urban spaces. He is now working with his thesis project concerning ‘Nighttime Activation of Public Spaces’ in an effort to contribute to one of urban planning’s most under-considered topics. His ambition is to work further with the challenging urban planning topics facing Stockholm.

Rosa Danenberg:

Rosa Danenberg is PhD researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and is affiliated with the Centre for the Future of Places at KTH. Rosa has a background in organization science from VU University in Amsterdam and urban planning and design from KTH. She is interested in streets as public space and investigates how the urban fabric and public life are interconnected. Contemporary issues such as nighttime activation of streets, the role and value of culture and nightlife in the city, and urban livability are essential parts of her research interest.

Theodor Bratt:

Theodor Bratt is a traffic planner at Trafikkontoret. He has a background with a masters degree in urban planning from KTH. He has experience from different organizations in the transport sector and has been involved in several projects focusing on public participation. Currently he serves as the project manager for the initiative Levande Stockholm, which is the collective name for the efforts made by Trafikkontoret in transforming streets to pedestrian friendly zones in order to enhance Stockholm as a vibrant city with inviting meeting points in the public environment all year around.


Speakers to be Announced