Accenture presents Memory Lane - How can voice technology and conversational AI be used to cure loneliness?





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Humans & Machines


Stockholm Exergi, Health Issues, AI Solutions

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Memory Lane is a groundbreaking collaboration between Accenture Interactive and one of Sweden’s largest energy suppliers, Stockholm Exergi. The solution uses a unique conversational artificial intelligence which allows people, particular the elderly, to capture memorable stories for future generations while also providing companionship. Following extensive medical research into elderly health, Accenture Interactive discovered that loneliness accelerated health problems including depression and early stage dementia in the elderly. When it comes to comparable health concerns, independent studies also confirm that unwanted loneliness is as dangerous as smoking and obesity. The future health issues can to a large extent be tackled with AI solutions and Memory Lane is a great example of this.


Adam Kerj

Chief Creative Officer, Accenture Interactive Nordics

Thomas Gibson

CMO Stockholm Exergi

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