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Marcel Kapman
"I have always been following my curiosity, and that has brought me to a lot of fascinating places, projects and people. In one of those places, in Mexico, I met Pablo Collada. Talking with others helps to better understand who you are and what your role is. I think Pablo captured me perfectly: ‘The difficult part is that there is a lot of knowledge and information about there. The hard part is to make the translation to make it meaningful. Most people are locked into a set of prejudice. You come in and say: ‘Okay, I’m going to listen to you.’ You listen and say: ‘I understand what your point of view is and I understand where your point of view is coming from. What if we open a small door and let some other ideas come in and see what happens; put it out there and see what happens.’ This opens the space to reflect on and understand other points of view that will compliment what you think and maybe bring you to another place where you didn’t expect to go. To places where people see beyond what they see. That’s your role: to curate realities, mix it with your knowledge acquired through following your curiosity, to build a better understanding. And you use language and design as a tool to do that."

Marcel lives in the north of The Netherlands in the province Drenthe, together with his wife Marjon, daughter Susa, son Wout and cat Muis (mouse). He enjoys his daily early morning walks and runs in the countryside. He works as a creative strategist and strategic creative as Happykamping, an eclectic distributed network of thinkers and doers for a wide variety of clients, helping them with their preferably complex challenges. Marcel keeps work and play in balance by continually initiating new projects to playfully explore different topics in the field of society, culture and technology, like his current Happyplaces Project. He regularly organises and is involved in, (informal) creative social events to bring people together to create a better and shared understanding and to create better realities. He is the creative director of WeMakeThe.City, the festival that makes cities better and a bunch of other things. As the initiator of “Happyplaces,” he investigates the dimensions and manifestations of space. The project explores how a wide variety of people create or facilitate spaces and where their boundaries lie; in turn it maps these findings and then translates them into hands-on tools that can help to create better spaces where people can flourish.


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