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Humans & Machines


Dating Apps, Online or IRL, Accessibility, Demographics, Singles

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Are relationships the social ritual that has been the most affected by technology? Are dating apps the reason why love has become both more social and anti-social, all at the same time? Allowing algorithm-based wing wo/men find the perfect match for the moment has made dating isolated from the rest of one’s social life. But are the apps beneficial for everyone? As more dating choices are offered, studies show that men with no higher education are left behind. Yet, the overwhelming choices offered by apps, where love and sex are accessible just like any other on-demand consuming service, has made us question the normative monogamy more than ever. New social behaviors have emerged, such as the subtle art (and the draining headache) of flirting through emojis, and even sending nudes. Join us in investigating the state of love in the age of dating apps.


Josue Ortega

Researcher in Online Dating and Social Integration

Philip Jonzon Jarl

Super Talent Running the Relationship app Relate

Kalle Ström

Doctoral Candidate in Ethnology

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