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Biotech, Biohacking, AI, Science Fiction

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Elsa Sotiriadis aka 'The Biofuturist' is a synthetic biologist - turned - VC - turned Futurist, Keynote Speaker and Science Fiction Author.

As an early-stage VC, she has helped build and launch 25 disruptive biotech startups and as a futurist, she helped to ‘biologize’ one of the world’s biggest tech companies and gets to ramble about space exploration, AI and biohacking on big stages regularly.

Tech gets under her skin (literally) – she became a cyborg live on stage to tweet with her hand, while her alter ego E.A. Solaris attempts to write science fiction in her spare time and won an honourable mention at the LA-based Writer of the Future competition (and so she will keep trying).

Insta, Twitter, FB: @thebiofuturist


Elsa Sotiriadis

Biofuturist, VC and Science Fiction Author

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