HumAInity – leveraging AI to address mental wellbeing in the Nordics


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Despite being ranked high on global happiness rankings, many reports show that people in the Nordics are not feeling well. In fact, 12% of the Nordic population still reports that they are struggling or even suffering in life and one of the main reasons is deteriorating mental well-being cross the Nordics. In recent years people experience stress, depression, anxiety and loneliness to a larger extent.

As digitalization and increased screen time are often named as contributors, we at Accenture asked ourselves how new technology can be part of the solution instead of the problem. To find out, we launched the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge exploring the question “How can AI empower enhanced mental health for everyone in the Nordics?”. During this interactive Lab session you will hear more about the HumAInity Innovation Challenge and this year’s finalist innovations. We will also co-create to hack new solutions and application areas for AI addressing the societal challenge of mental wellbeing. Let’s use technology and AI for good!

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