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Holistic Integration, Health, Society

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How can we conduct qualitative teaching in refugee camps to equip people for a good life in the recipient countries?

How does an early integration process affect the willingness of recipient countries to work with an organized reception and a safer asylum system?

Remote education in refugee camps - the quota system's rescue?

In this session you will listen to new ideas how to offer education in refugee camps. We will together find ways through the bureaucratic jungle and set this plan into action.

Blekinge Integration and Education Center

Blekinge Integration and Education Center conducts a holistic integration work with qualitative initiatives in education, health, housing and the labor market to increase equality and inclusion in society. Today, there is a great focus on the ability of digitalisation to create a network for distance education with the aim of increasing accessibility and equivalence in the Swedish school.

Henrik Lövgren

Henrik is head of the Blekinge Integration and Education Center within Ronneby municipality. He has built up a regional business with some 30 employees who train children and adults in more than 20 languages. Henrik is a requested lecturer, has received the Blekinge Sustainability Prize 2016 and participated in the Blekinge commission for equal health. Henrik has a background as a political scientist and within human rights. He has worked in many regions around the world, including as a peace observer in Central America. With many years of experience as a project manager, he is now embarking on the project Global integration.

Stefan Bedin

Stefan is an entrepreneur and concept creator with digital social development as a special area. Stefan works with innovative digital development as his own entrepreneur and management consultant for both the private and public sectors.

Stefan's focus during the two decades of the 2000s has been in Internet-based entrepreneurship and, above all, in his specialist field of building digital service infrastructures and new ways of working.

Digitalization affects how human behavior is changed by digital technology and the internet. In other words, digitalization is about how digital technology and the Internet revolutionize how people want to live, work, live, create and realize their dreams. That is much more than just the technology itself. Building up the new delivery capability is the key to a successful digital transformation.

During 2016-2018 Stefan was digital process leader in the construction of BIU Online is a digital service infrastructure for online tutoring in native languages where students and tutors meet interactively online to conduct teaching.


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