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Urban Planning & Society


Space, Resources, Commercialization, Markets, Investments

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Is space about to be on sale? Investors are looking more and more into the potential of space tourism, satellites, the moon and even Mars. Some privately funded projects are activating new ways of thinking about space, by making it more affordable and easier to reach. But is the commercialization of space good news for us? Is infinity going to be divided into regions? What are the moral and legal aspects to consider regarding the expansion of human life across space, for example by creating a commercial space market, mining asteroids or building bases on different planets? Let’s discuss the galactic gatherings of the future and their potential impact on energy, resources, biology and more.


Anushka 'Nush' Sharma

Founder of Space Startup Naaut

Mathias Sundin

Co-Founder of Warp Institute Leading the Warp Space Program

Arshak Ulubabyan

CTO of Satellite AI-startup Spacept

Speakers to be Announced