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Virtual Realities, Online Gatherings, Gamification, Hologram

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On February 2nd 2019, about 10 millions of people gathered for a concert with EDM DJ Marshmello. While the number is very high, it is not the most mesmerizing aspect of the story. “Gathered“ is actually the interesting word here, because the concert happened in Epic’s widely popular game Fortnite! Players from the whole world watched the event together from their own computers. Immersion is reaching new heights in recent years from hologram artists to actual virtual realities where realism and involvement are more fascinating than ever, as proven by the success of Marshmello’s concert or by Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch experiment. Join us in a fascinating discussion about the future of virtual realities.


Andjela Kusmuk

Engineer, Gamer and Startup Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services 

Ylva Hansdotter

Expert in VR, Sustainability and Social Businesses

Karin Eriksson

Social Media Expert, Lecturer and Blogger at Resumé

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