Mark K Sargent in conversation with David McRaney





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Conspiracy Theories, Psychology, Bias

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This session is a conversation with Flat Earth Spokesperson Mark K Sargent and author and journalist David McRaney about conspiracy theories and the psychological reasons behind believing in them Why do people believe in conspiracy theories and are there common denominators between different beliefs? Why doesn’t counter-evidence seem to sway them? How can we understand these people and their way of arguing? And how can be meet these people and maybe make them change their mind? These questions will be investigated in this conversation. David McRaney is the internationally bestselling author, journalist, and lecturer who created the You Are Not So Smart (YANSS) podcast, blog and books. David McRaney started his blog on the psychology behind biases, delusions, and fallacies already back in 2009, followed by a podcast on the same topics in 2012. One of this year’s most appreciated and talked-about YANSS episodes was that of the Flat Earth Netflix documentary ‘Behind the Curve’ and conspiracy theories in general, which is why we are now inviting Mr McRaney to interview Mark K Sargent on stage. 


Mark K Sargent

Flat Earth Spokesperson and Creator of Youtube Series "Flat Earth Clues"

David McRaney

Internationally Bestselling Author, Journalist and Creator of You Are Not So Smart Blog

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