Cities As A Service (part 1)





2:30 pm

4:00 pm

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Urban Planning & Society


Shared Services, Future Cities, Living, Transportations

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Ownership in the traditional sense has shown its limitations in recent years, since people have started streaming music and movies instead of actually buying DVDs, CDs or MP3 files. The perks of owning something have been overshadowed by the efficiency of on-demand and shared services that are both smarter and ever-evolving, in contrast to the limited life cycle of traditional products. Being able to rent somebody else’s car or house is just a one of many examples of what the shift from owning to temporarily using can bring. And now cities are next to follow this path, using data to bring better and more flexible services that can be employed by the citizens. Explore the groundbreaking ways in which shared services can revolutionize how we view cities and citizens.


Christoffer Börjesson

Thought Leader and Chief Digital Officer at Fastighetsägarna

Namo Marouf

Expert in Social Sustainability with a Focus on Representation

Umberto Fugiglando

Research Manager & Partnerships Lead at MIT

Speakers to be Announced