During Gather we explore five themes; Humans & Machines, Democracy & Power, Business & Transactions, Media & Creativity and Urban Planning & Society.

Since we met last year in September we’ve been engaging the Gather community in exploring what content to fill these themes with. What are the most pressing issues? What is a perspective that’s relevant but rarely represented?

The result is a broad range of topics, spanning from the Economy of Death to Blockchain and the Impact of Decentralized Platforms. A content that is relevant regardless of what industry you are working in, putting new technology and development in a broader perspective.

The Gather 2019 Themes and Sessions

Democracy & Power

◆ The Age of Surveillance Economy
◆ The Rise of Splinternets
◆ Recovering from the Tech Backlash

Humans & Machines

◆ The Economy of Death
◆ Love As A Service
◆ The Ethics of Human Enhancements

Media & Creativity

◆ The Dawn of Zero Touch Interfaces
◆ Fake it ‘til you make it  
◆ Enter the Metaverse

Business & Transactions

◆ Your mother doesn’t work here, so who does?
◆ Redefining Growth
◆ Blockchain and the Impact of Decentralized Platforms

Urban Planning & Society

◆ Cities As A Service
◆ Gather Galactic
◆ The Stuff That Could Save Us

More info about sessions and speakers will be out soon

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