What Gather is About

50+  Speakers

Gain valuable insights, new perspectives and inspiring ideas thanks to our 50+ interdisciplinary and international speakers.


Learn about new ideas and discover new trends by engaging in our sessions from some of the world’s most visionary speakers. Get inspired through unexpected experiences, perspectives and interactions.


Break your thinking patterns to open innovation processes through our mix of inspiring talks and labs. Join an interdisciplinary crowd of future thinkers and creative minds and collaborate on new ideas.

New Perspectives

Develop new perspectives by meeting and engaging with a diversity of people, backgrounds and experiences. Question, think and collaborate on ideas to solve problems.


Connect with people from a diverse range of backgrounds among our 1600 participants.

Music & Arts

Culture is at the core of Gather's soul. Challenge your creativity with innovative artistic performances.


Learn new ways of working and innovating through Gather Labs. Go from ideas to tangible solutions and develop your skills in our thematic workshops.


Relax and experience activities on and off the Gather’s grounds. Combine mindfulness and art, sweat off stress with a sauna in the Swedish wilderness and more.

Bring your work

Too busy to miss valuable time in the office? This year, we make it easier to bring your work to Gather. Bring your meeting, your laptop and todo-list and mix talks and networking with some time in our improved workzone.

Gather Manifesto

Expose yourself to diversity

The most ground-breaking ideas come from the most diverse groups. Seek out opposition.

Don’t judge

Silence the voice in your head and don’t jump to conclusions. Holding the space for others will open your mind to new possibilities.

Welcome uncertainty

Not knowing what’s going to happen is scary. But leaning into the unfamiliar is the only way to create something truly original.

Trust the process

Life is in constant flux and experiences unfold in every moment. Don’t fall prey to easy solutions and quick fixes. Have faith and stay open.

Expect participation

The era of one-way communication is over. Participatory dialogue is the way forward.

Dare to be wrong

Don’t take yourself too seriously. By acknowledging our failures, we can transcend our egos and learn for the future.

Have fun

Happiness is socially contagious. Saying yes to what intrigues you will make you a happier person and a better team player.

Bring your whole self

Don’t split your personality into “work” and “life”. Everything becomes more interesting if you stay yourself throughout.

Build on each other’s ideas

The best ideas come from collaborate effort and collective imagination. So put yourself out there, the world won’t bite.

Pay attention to power structures

Who is heard? What is overlooked? It is your duty to question the taken-for-granted and listen deeply for the unspoken.

Question, Collaborate and Think Different