What is Gather?

Gather is not your average conference. It’s an anti disciplinary movement for social change with two days of talks, co-creation, labs, art and performances and a weekend full of music. Gather gathers 100+ speakers and artists, 1500+ conference guests and 3000+ music enthusiasts. 

“Gather is all about creating change, form inspiring conversations and new perspectives. We’re trying to achieve that by widening your network and nature innovation. This year’s edition is focusing even more on meeting uncertainty and getting involved. Gather is not for the comfortable people that ”swipes” innovation like they swipe tinder profiles.”  

— Jakob Grandin, founder of Gather.

100+ Speakers 

Gain valuable insights, new perspectives and inspiring ideas thanks to our 50+ interdisciplinary and international speakers.


Break your thinking patterns to open innovation processes through our mix of inspiring talks and labs. Join an interdisciplinary crowd of future thinkers and creative minds and collaborate on new ideas.


Connect with people from a diverse range of backgrounds among our 2000 participants.


Learn new ways of working and innovating through Gather Labs. Go from ideas to tangible solutions and develop your skills in our thematic workshops.

Bring your work

Too busy to miss valuable time in the office? This year, we make it easier to bring your work to Gather. Bring your meeting, your laptop and todo-list and mix talks and networking with some time in our improved workzone.


Learn about new ideas and discover new trends by engaging in our sessions from some of the world’s most visionary speakers. Get inspired through unexpected experiences, perspectives and interactions.

New Perspectives

Develop new perspectives by meeting and engaging with a diversity of people, backgrounds and experiences. Question, think and collaborate on ideas to solve problems.

Music & Arts

Culture is at the core of Gather's soul. Challenge your creativity with innovative artistic performances.


Relax and experience activities on and off the Gather’s grounds. Combine mindfulness and art, sweat off stress with a sauna in the Swedish wilderness and more.

Who is it for?

Gather is a meeting point for Tech, Science and Innovation, Business, Public Sector, Culture, Creativity and Academia.

Where will it take place?

This year’s Gather is the fourth edition of the event and will (for the first time!) take place in the vibrant area of Slakthusområdet. The actual site is Fållan 10, a converted warehouse venue in the former meatpacking district of Stockholm. 

Why does Gather exist? 

Gather was first founded as a think-tank after 2014 year’s election. A lot of people were disappointed at the time and wanted to make a real change in society. The think-tank grew and thoughts on creating a physical space for people to meet were taking place. Gather was founded for three main reasons: 


We believe that anti disciplinary meetings are the source of innovation.


We believe that culture should be playful, thought-provoking and inspire social change.


We believe that there is untapped potential for impact in the format of meeting one another.

The Manifesto

Everyone is welcome, but not every behavior is welcome. We’ve therefore created a manifesto to guide our Gatherers, partners and our self.

expose yourself to diversity

The most ground-breaking ideas come from the most diverse groups. Seeking out contrast will get you there.

trust the process

Life is in constant flux and experiences unfold continuously. Have faith and stay open.

have fun

Happiness is socially contagious. Saying yes to what intrigues
you will make you a happier person and a better team player.


Who is heard? What is overlooked? It is your duty to question the taken-for-granted and listen deeply for the unspoken.

DON'T judge

Silence the voice in your head and don't jump to conclusions. Holding the space for others will open your mind to new possibilities.


The era of one-way communication is over. Participatory dialogue is the way forward.

bring your whole self

Don’t split your personality into “work” and “life”. Everything becomes more interesting if you remain yourself throughout.


Not knowing what’s going to happen is scary. But leaning into the unfamiliar is the only way to create something truly original.


Don’t take yourself too seriously. By acknowledging and moving beyond failure, we can transcend our egos.


The best ideas emerge from collaborate effort and collective imagination. So put yourself out there, the world won’t bite.

Code of Conduct

Gather help the people of the future to achieve their goals. Our way we do this is by serving as a platform for engaging inspiration, culture, technology and innovation with the power of conversation and active thinking. We think that provocative thinking and proactive conversation are gaining the future mind sets of how we can change the way we live.

However, Gather is not a place for conversations, discussions, and behavior that are intentionally inappropriate, off-topic, disruptive, or abusive.


Each theme includes two different sessions and each session includes three speakers. 

“This year, we will focus on creating an even more antidisciplinary experience, asking the big questions that take us beyond silos, looking at the world from a systems perspective, and hearing from the emerging voices out there who are taking a stand and refusing to back down for what they believe in.” 

— Anja Melander, one of five program curators. 

Former editions of Gather

talks from 2019

For almost four years we’ve attracted speakers and guests from all over the world; Caroline Criado Perez (Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men), Christopher Wylie (Cambridge Analytica), Gerard Ryle (Panama Papers), Mark K Sargent (Flat Earth) and Sheela Birnstieldocumentary series Wild Wild Country) to name a few. 

Hur påverkas vi av nätdejting?

Jouse Ortega är forskare vid Center for European Economic Research i Mannheim. Han har studerat hur nätdejting och annan teknik underlättar social integration. Med hjälp av grafer presenterar han sin forskning om nätdejting. Vem dejtar vem och varför? Är det någon skillnad mellan etniska grupper, mellan kön, mellan hetero- eller homosexuella? Och vad är George Clooney-effekten? Inspelat den 12 september 2019 i Expo, Sickla. Arrangör: Gather.

Data, privatliv och digital övervakning

Andi Zhang berättar om hur den kinesiska staten övervakar sina medborgare. I Kina finns 800 miljoner internetanvändare och en växande medelklass, men begreppet kreditvärdighet finns inte. Medborgarna i Kina ser därför övervakningen och betygsystemet som något positivt. I utbyte mot personlig information får medborgarna skydd från staten. Även i väst delar vi frivilligt med oss av personlig information som hamnar i händerna på olika teknikbolag. Inspelat den 12 september 2019 i Expo, Sickla. Arrangör: Gather.

Think Different