Oscar Axhede

Co-founder of Zound Industries

Speaker for Media, Design & Creativity at Gather 2018

Emma Frans - Gather 2018
Oscar Axhede is a full-time problem solver with a background that stretches through many disciplines and across the globe. He started out in the board sports subcultures in the mid nineties, at a time when everything was possible as long as you did it yourself. From there his path basically followed that of Lindsey Vonn. Part of the reason, for Axhede's high standard in everything he does is his borderline obsessive interest in understanding how things work. This curiosity has lead him to feel hopeful about the future and the current revolution in intelligence and tech. Oscar Axhede is one of the founders of Zound Industries, where he has had several key positions from Product Manager, Creative Director to Chief Evangelist.

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Media, Design & Creativity

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the how the concept of media and "the truth" is more in flux than ever, and pose the question:

How are we equipped to deal with media and “the truth”?

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