Jonas Johansson


An augmented reality art project made by anywhere based artist Jonas Johansson and performed with friends. Jonas Johansson (SE) was born 1987 in Kristianstad and raised in Glommen, a village by the sea. Brought up surrounded by nature and the setting sun he would spend most of his time indoors deeply invested in video games and digital play. With an early passion for programming and non-linear narratives he pursued studies in graphic design to balance his creative outlet. At an exchange in Reims, he began to realise the possibilities of combining traditional craft with innovative technology which would come to shape his practice. Jonas went on to study experience design at Hyper Island and after an internship in Tokyo, travelled to Montreal to work at multimedia studio Moment Factory. Here he made his first personal work, an immersive light and sound instrument, and co-created the live visual collective APM300. Looking for new challenges, Jonas joined London studio Field as a designer for alternate reality experiences and innovative lighting objects, whilst still exploring his new found interest for installation and sculpture. In London, he made friends which led to the creation of the Nordic Audiovisual Artists and Tiny/Massive, initiatives that work with light, community and public/private architecture. Both originate in Reykjavik which Jonas frequents for collaboration and inspiration.

Jonas pursuits innovation of the organic and the artificial, with light and (non)human intervention as essential components. He is currently exploring how our personal property is understood in situations where it can be infinitely shared and remixed. At Gather he presents a new AR piece which, in a crude way hacks the environment, displaying alternative realities.Reality Unit is a new AR piece which, in a crude way hacks the environment, displaying alternative realities.

Instagram: @jnsjohansson

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