We live in an age where electronic music is more varied than ever, showcasing inspirations from the whole world, mixing up traditional sounds of all cultures with cutting edge technologies, remixing the past to invent the future, and celebrating a diverse community that goes beyond national borders. The Night edition of Gather is a musical laboratory exploring this, and it is strictly dedicated to innovation, avant-garde and a diversity of sounds, traditions and origins.

It all started with the desire to challenge and inspire people with a club festival that would follow Gather’s DNA by being a kaleidoscopic vision of innovative culture. This meant curating a mesmerizing collection of international acts that spans the complex soundscape of electronic music, an ambitious balance between irresistible dancing and thought-provoking musical experiences that inspire creativity.

Promoter, DJ and music enthusiast Mattias Polanco has curated a genre-spanning and adventurous lineup.

Equally inspiring is Gather Night’s setting. Designed for people and interactions, and based at Trädgården, the scenography will be specially built for Gather’s club festival.

Discover, be inspired and dance at Gather Night.
September 13 (17.00-03.00)

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