Linda Virkkala

Digital Analytics Sr. Analyst - Accenture

Speaker for Humans & Machines at Gather 2018

Hoa Ly - Gather 2018
Linda Virkkala is part of Accenture’s Applied Intelligence practice. She is working in the intersection between IT and business, making data available in organizations which enables more data driven decisions. For example she has demystified a black box system (i.e. Mainframe), driving the shift towards a more transparent Big Data ecosystem.

Linda is truly passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its ethical aspects. She is driving internal initiatives at Accenture about Ethical AI and was one of the key note speakers at Almedalen 2018. Linda wants to increase awareness and engagement around the topic to make sure that we use data and AI in a way that creates a better world for everyone.

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Humans & Machines

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the impact of  when biology meets technology and will ask the question;

Are we ready for the merging of Humans and Machines?

Humans & Machines - Gather 2018

What is Gather

Gather is both a conference and music festival where you will meet your new best friend, dance with your future love, and innovate with your next business partner.

Gather 2018 takes place in Stockholm, September 13–15 and will include 50+ speakers, performances from all around the world, music at several venues and Innovation labs solving actual business challenges.

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