Linda Franco

Co-founder & CEO of Machina

Speaker for Media, Design & Creativity at Gather 2018

Florence Toffa - Gather 2018
Linda Franco is the Co-founder and CEO of Machina, a wearable technology company that creates clothes which extend the functionality of the human body. Together with her team, Linda is taking the industry to the next level with the idea of open source in wearable tech. The technology is groundbreaking since it’s amplifying the body capabilities to control and feel virtual worlds.  Linda has been named one of Forbes Mexico’s 30 promises under 30, MIT innovator under 35.

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Media, Design & Creativity

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the how the concept of media and "the truth" is more in flux than ever, and pose the question:

How are we equipped to deal with media and “the truth”?

Money, Business & Transactions - Gather 2018

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