Jennie Perzon

Senior Manager Accenture Sustainability Strategy Sweden

Speaker for Urban Planning & Society at Gather 2018

Sepehr Mousavi - Gather 2018
Jennie is committed to sustainable development and has extensive experience in both commercial and civil society sector as a strategy advisor. Jennie’s experience also includes leading a global research program focusing on collective impact and partnerships as a driver of innovation. Her experience from working with sustainable innovation and co-creation includes the ‘Global Change Award’ and ‘På Lika Villkor’ to strengthen children’s inclusiveness and influence in social and economically vulnerable areas. In her former research at Stockholm School of Economics she addressed “cross-sector collaboration” - how organisations within different sectors can cooperate to solve challenges in the society in order to achieve positive change. Our society faces tougher challenges which demanding more innovative solutions to get a more sustainable future.

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Urban Planning & Society

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the impact of Self-driving cars, vertical farming and everything else we’re facing in the future, posing the question:

What does a smart city mean in reality?

Urban Planning & Society

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