Hoa Ly

Co-Founder of SHIM

Speaker for Humans & Machines at Gather 2018

Hoa Ly - Gather 2018
Hoa Ly is a psychologist and entrepreneur with a PhD in psychology. He is the author of the world’s first doctoral dissertation on a smartphone app for psychological treatment, and co-founder of Shim – a digital friend who helps you reflect on the positive things in life. The app has been proved in a scientific study to improve emotional well being and lower stress. Last but not least Hoa is a spokesperson for Time Well Spent Sweden – an initiative aimed at making the time we spend on digital devices more meaningful and valuable.

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Humans & Machines

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the impact of  when biology meets technology and will ask the question;

Are we ready for the merging of Humans and Machines?

Humans & Machines - Gather 2018

What is Gather

Gather is both a conference and music festival where you will meet your new best friend, dance with your future love, and innovate with your next business partner.

Gather 2018 takes place in Stockholm, September 13–15 and will include 50+ speakers, performances from all around the world, music at several venues and Innovation labs solving actual business challenges.

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