Félix Hill

Art Director North Kingdom

Speaker for Media, Design & Creativity at Gather 2018

Florence Toffa - Gather 2018
Félix Hill is an Art Director at North Kingdom, an experience design agency based in Sweden and L.A. With an extensive history of creating digital experiences for global clients such as Netflix, Google and Snapchat, he works with creating new ways for customers and users to meet in a meaningful way. How do you tell a compelling story in a few seconds in the ever-expanding digital universe? May AR and bringing components of the digital world into a person’s perception of the real world be the way?

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Media, Design & Creativity

In one of five Themes, Gather 2018 will explore the how the concept of media and "the truth" is more in flux than ever, and pose the question:

How are we equipped to deal with media and “the truth”?

Money, Business & Transactions - Gather 2018

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