Video: Gather Series by Learnability, E03 Your mother doesn't work here

Technology moves faster than regulations. Automation, AI and new digital services will forever change the world of work, leaving us with the question: what measures should be taken, and by whom, to build a brighter future for workers?

This episode features Linus Granborg, Alok Ahlström and Binette Seck.

Linus Grandborg is a co-founder of Levels, and one of the initiators behind STACC. A learning community created to tackle the growing need for tech and digital talent. They do this by combining training, mentoring, and social events to speed up the development of skills.

Alok Ahlström previously led Uber's strong expansion in Sweden. He is now CEO and co-founder of AppJobs, which is the world's largest community of gig-workers with members in over 100 cities across the globe. Users find new app-based work opportunities, get essentials like insurance and tax support, and improve career advancement in the gig-economy.

Binette Seck's superpower lies in building global bridges between people and business. She believes in the power of uniting talented people with companies to better deal with ever-increasing global competition and the rapid development of technology. Binette is a prominent Business Advisor contributing to Africa's tech start-up scene and was voted top 33 Female Tech Leader in Sweden.Your mother doesn't work here, so who does?

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