Video: Gather Series by Learnability, E02 Digital Democracy

By your regular use of websites, apps, and social media, you create data related to your daily routines, what you buy, whom you talk to and whom you date. As we have come to spend increased amounts of time online, there is an increased effort in assuring our digital lives are allowed democracy.

So, how can we adapt our economic growth to our social emergencies? How can we utilize data to achieve diversity and inclusion? How can we keep our integrity online, without having to give up our digital lives altogether? In this episode, we are joined by four experts in different fields of our digital being, to explore these questions further. These experts are Maria Fabricius, Suzan Lindberg, David Khabazzi and Abel Buko.

During the Swedish elections 2018, Maria Fabricius co-founded Open Act, a Human Rights organization monitoring and analyzing politician's rhetorical framing of immigrants and the effect on public discourse, policy, and segregation. Open Act is currently collaborating with experts within tech, politics, and rhetorics in Sweden and in Europe to create a digital platform that will be able to monitor media’s and politician's use of framing.

Suzan Lindberg is the CEO of Scandinavia’s only insight-driven diversity management agency The Social Few. Together with David Khabazzi, who is the head of insights, they utilize their background from data-driven insights, digital marketing, and business development to create inclusive infrastructures in organizations and society.

Abel Buko is a romantic academic who fell backwards into and was momentarily lost in the advertising world. He’s recently found himself fighting for the future of the Internet from the inside. He is presently the Insights Director at Bannerboy, a digital advertising agency headquartered in Stockholm. His main areas of research include the history of digital advertising, the role an advertising-funded Internet plays in a democratic Internet, and how Internet activity affects climate change.

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