Using design sprints as a tool for exploring the spaces in between buildings

As a part of the session “Cities as Services” Fastighetsägarna, a trade organization for property owners and developers, held the first participatory lab of this year’s Gather Festival. The lab was facilitated and co-created by House of Sparks – a consulting-firm helping companies to ignite their ideas into reality. The aim of the lab was connecting people from different backgrounds and disciplines to get new perspectives and generate ideas on how we can improve life for residents by utilizing “wasted” spaces in the city.

Using a design sprint method participants where given a brief with the posed question:  “how do we create the best city life by exploring the spaces in between buildings?”

The groups started out by working silently with ideation – producing 10 ideas in 10-minutes – followed by an additional 15-minutes of sharing and ultimately choosing one idea to elaborate on and prototype in order to visualize their concepts.

The solutions – produced and presented in the form of 2-minute videos – where diverse and innovative. They although had some main characteristics in common which were the aim towards making the city greener and creating more informal meeting places where people from different generations and backgrounds can gather to share knowledge and moments.

Think Different