Unlock an unknown world

Imagine you enter a world where time is not progressing but drifting – where the architecture have multi-dimensions, where perspectives are strange to you. Here you see a span of time that has been frozen, not just a frame. Jacob Felländer unlocked this art world for us. 

Old cameras, brushes, computers, VR lenses, and 3D printers – Jacob Felländer has used them all. He constantly explores the possibilities and investigates the unknown. As a speaker at Gather 2019, Felländer, together with Ashik Zaman, Marti Manen and Arvida Byström, shared with the audience his views on the role of art in a digital age.

In your artwork ’’I want to live close to you’’, you capture eight cities in one single, multi-exposed negative. Could you tell me a little bit about your thoughts behind it? 

– The metropoles I visited for this project have the same energy and dynamics. They are all the same, just spread out all over the world. Cities are very unnatural: large, concrete and even monstrous sometimes. But the reason why we live in cities is beautiful. Obviously, we want to live close to each other. It is unnatural to live alone out in nature, but it is natural to live in a large city together with a lot of people.  

How are you as an artist influenced by social media, like Instagram?
– Actually, I don’t use social media. I hold my identity as an artist. I want to be free from random comments, especially when my artworks are incomplete. I am cautious and keep social media at a distance.

What do you think about the future position of the art gallery in the digital age?

– As digitalization makes artworks easy to be seen by ordinary people, I think the galleries should change their role from being a traditional art protector, to an art communicator, interacting with the public.

What are your thoughts on the use of new technologies in art creation?

– New technologies, like 3D printers, digital algorithms and VR lenses, provide very powerful tools to complement traditional art, but these tools could not replace the traditional art forms.

Your thoughts about AI painting?

– As for the AI painting, I think it is an art form that is still in its early stage. Even though I follows the development of AI paintings, I still haven’t found any AI algorithm that can replace the artists’ own creativity.

How about the different techniques used in you creation?

– I think that the exhaustion of one medium probably leads to being inspired by another one. Once I have worked with one medium for a long time and become good at it, I want to move on to another medium. I like the fragility and innocence in it when I start off with something that I can not yet control.

How would you describe the theme of your art creation?

– My work is much about exploring and investigating. I follow what I find from my daily experience, and dream that I will eventually end up in a place that I haven’t known before.

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