The beauty about blockchain technology

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been called into question for their security. But what if we look at it from another perspective? What if it turned out to be a tool that allowed people to do what they want to do, without being restricted by state, religion or culture?

As with all innovations of today, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been called into question for their security. During the monetary high of Bitcoin, a lot of people attempted to hack the system as a full-time job. This was unsuccessful and proved that the system was more robust than previously expected.

As blockchain technology is wide and tangible, it becomes what you make of it. Some inequalities in societies around the world, which are controlled by the state, religion or culture, can even be dismissed in some cases.

Tove Andersson was one of the speakers during the Gather Festival, discussing the topic of Blockchain and the Impact of Decentralized Platforms. She lifted the topic of blockchain by mentioning bitcoin, as the latter made the first emerge.

Tove Andersson launched the project ’’Marriage Unblocked’’ together with clothing brand Björn Borg. Bitcoin is money outside of state and religion control, and Marriage Unblocked was created to do the same for marriage. As of 2017, 72 countries has laws illegalizing homosexuality. With Andersson and Borg’s service, one would gain the possibility to have one's wedding vows registered to the Ethereum and thus become immutable. It would then become available permanently, with no individual or corporation having access to it, nor ability to modify the document.

In blockchains, there are smart self-executing contracts that help users avoid getting outwitted by another party in a transaction. When the earlier agreed-upon performance is met, the metrics in the smart contract will come to action and approve the transaction. This was used in a case where an internet supplier could not provide the connection that was agreed upon, without modifying the billing.

I have always thought of the world of blockchains and Bitcoin as being dark and not current, following the popular opinion of computer-programming and hacking consisting of Jolt Cola and pizza boxes in a basement. It is very insightful to dive into perspectives that one doesn’t know about, and probably what we need to make change that can form the best possible future.

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