Ten emerging biotech trends

The future of biotech is already here. This is what biofuturist Elsa Sotiriadis lists as  top ten trends waiting to enter our universes in the upcoming years.  

  1. Crispr-Gene Editing Technology
    Crispr home kit allows for an easy way to precisely cut and replace DNA sections in a living organism.
  2. Sustainable Edible Water Blobs
    Water is encased by a gel-like membrane made of brown algae and calcium chloride that decomposes after four to six weeks if not consumed.
  3. Screen Pixels Powered by Jellyfish DNA
    Screens are programmed to light up with the same protein that makes jellyfish glow, called green fluorescent protein (GFP).
  4. Sustainable Cities Inspired by Biomimicry
    Biodiversity is being seen as a platform to explore how nature can merge within an urban landscape.
  5. Re-engineering Extinct Species
    Fragrance of extinct plants such as Hibiscadelphus wilderianus can be recreated by genetic fragmenting.
  6. Household Lamps Powered by Fungi
    Shades of table lamps are being made from mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus.
  7. Creating Odors of Loved ones
    Fragrances based on DNA can be replicated from humans by taking clothing and extracting odors.
  8. Growing Meat in Bioreactors
    Cell based meat is being cultured in a clean environment without need of animal slaughter.
  9. Terraforming Mars with Help of Bacteria
    Bacteria such as methanogenes trapped on the planet can be transformed into rocket fuel.
  10. Cyborgs- Humans Integrating with NFC Chips
    Humans are inserting small NFC implants in their hands that can read or record data using an active transponder.

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