Rethinking food as we know it

We are steering into an unpredictable future, where climate change is a fact and the food industry generates more pollution than anything else. A drastic shift is needed, and Sorosh Tavakoli’s mission is to make the impossible possible.

Sorosh Tavakoli is the founder of Noquo Foods, a company whose goal is to reimagine the foods we love, starting by cheese. For a lot of people, cheese is the last little thing that keep them from a plant based diet. There is a reason why there is jet no successful “replacement” on the market. It is, explains Tavakoli, highly complex to create a product that has the same taste, structure, smell and nutrition as dairy based cheese. But since the production of dairy products do not align with future climate goals, our behavior has to change in the coming years, and companies like Oatly are taking market shares while showing us the way.

How and what are we going to eat in 15 years? If we want to eat anything in the first place, says Sorosh Tavakoli, we need to dramatically change our behavior and tackle climate change. In the future Tavakoli sees a shifted norm, from today’s eating cheap meat on deals from the supermarket, to a plant based diet. 

Sorosh Tavakoli is well aware of the fact that many countries and regions have a strong food culture, but since the option stands between saving a bit of our culture or saving our own lifes, he says that the choice might not be too hard after all.

With an increasing number of plant based options popping up on the market, the amount of flexitarians is in fact increasing as the meat consumption is decreasing. But Noquo Foods is irrespectively still needed to tackle climate change and help contribute to a positive futur

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