Recovering from the tech backlash

Is someone watching your online activity? Who’s in charge of monitoring your data privacy? Why aren’t women more prominent in the tech scene? And what is the key to a ground breaking change?

In an era where all communication occurs through digital platforms, data is channeled through managers of these platforms, such as tech giants like Facebook and Google. However, as seen by the recent notorious scandal of Cambridge Analytica, using Facebook’s users data to create political advertising in order to push political agendas, managers of these platforms don’t always protect user’s data privacy.

In an effort to create more transparency with online activity, Christian Landgren is helping customers with business strategies in digitization and digital transformation through his company Iteam. Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion with effort to create a more democratic and free internet to all users, Abel Buko, who has vast career experience in advertising, recommends to stop using ad blocking software in personal computers in order to help advertising companies data mine an accurate activity of online users. 

Christian Landgren

Although Buko and Landgren were discussing ways to protect online data privacy, Linda Sharma, a tech investor, is more concerned with the disproportionate relationship between technology and women. Technology plays an important part in driving healthcare, and since there are very few female entrepreneurs, Sharma’s worry is that this will lead to an increased inequality in healthcare that can be seen in developing countries as well as in developed countries such as Sweden. There are many reasons that can be attributed to women being a minority in the tech industry, but Sharma believes one important reason is the lack of women role models as entrepreneurs. Even though there are male role models such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, women may have a greater difficulty in connecting with these entrepreneurs and identifying what they have in common.

Abel Buko

Sharma also believes women have not been encouraged sufficiently to enter tech, which is most crucial when growing up. Although statistics show that, at least in Sweden, more women than before are applying to technical degrees, a larger effort must be made to keep this pattern going. Although initiatives are being made for children at a young age to learn more about technology, education is the key not only for women, but for humans from all walks of life to learn about new ideas, network , and create aspirations. Education is key to empower yourself as well as protecting your own data privacy.

Indra Sharma

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